What we do

Embracing innovation and experimentation.

At Poeticgem, technology, innovation and service are one and the same. We use the latest innovations to streamline our operation, improving every part of our service offering from design to production, shipping and beyond. This means our customers can reap the benefits of competitively-produced fashion designs while still enjoying the very best quality products and delivery standards.

A global family of creative minds.

We bring together the industry’s most talented, passionate and diverse people, offering our customers a collaborative service.

In house innovation

Our in-house team of designers are the lifeblood of our business. Talented, passionate and diverse, they’re based at our Watford, Newcastle and Manchester locations.

Bringing the world home

Our designers take their inspiration globally, from many worldwide diverse sources. Travelling the globe to find new trends and visit inspirational exhibitions and trade shows. Innovative and directional fabrics, executing into a bespoke range.

Design research

Collaboratively working with forecasting agencies, globetrotting research, trade shows, and listening to our customers, this culminates into our trend and research development presentations which constantly evolves on a weekly basis.

Collaboration is king

Collaboration, cooperation and working together is a fundamental part of our service. We work with customers’ design teams to produce and provide specialised design ranges that are specific to their individual needs.

We are what we’re made of

At Poeticgem, we buy only the most premium and high-quality raw materials from authentic sources. That means we can ensure product quality, invest in research and development R&D for new & innovative fabrics / styles.

Self-sufficiency matters

We’re proud to be self-sufficient, which is why we don’t use subcontractors or outsource or processes. We have a wide array of fabrics, trims and collections, thanks to the hard work we put into sourcing the very best overseas materials.

Manufacturing & Sourcing Excellence.

We have 40 years of heritage of manufacturing excellence. Poeticgem owns and operate some of the most modern and sustainable plants in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, employing over 10,000 people. We also source from over 200 partner factories, making sure we’re technically and ethically audited to best in class standards. All this combines to create a business that delivers over a million pieces a day to our customers.


Our Factories


Green Smart Shirts Limited,

One of our affiliate brands is Green Smart Shirts Ltd, which gives us a world-class manufacturing base. Specialising in the manufacture of woven shirts, our strength is speed and flexibility and we are well-placed to help clients and customers to find their ideal products. Our well-equipped, well-designed ‘Creative Centre’ gives us an edge over our competitors and we are completely in line with compliance standards.


Nor Lanka, Trincomalee,
Sri Lanka

– Manufacturing facility based out of Sri
Lanka with 600 machines
– Specializes in knits, kidswear, bodysuits
and sleep suits
– ASDA George, Next and Primark


Progress Apparels,

– World class manufacturing facility with Accord Compliant (95%)
– Formal tailoring, dress and school wear
– Next, C&A, and Express
– Planned capacity of 2,500 machines

  • Personnel

    We employ only the most experienced, most skilled highly-experienced people who can provide our customers with the very best products. We also work on training, keeping everyone on-top of the latest industry advancements.

  • Ethics

    One of our underpinning brand values is ‘inspirationally ethical,’ and we live this truth every day. An ethical approach matters to us, and we have a very transparent business model, keeping our customers and partners fully informed of the entire situation.

  • Reliability

    We meet or exceed each of our goals and promises; otherwise, we do not make them. We do not take lightly our commitments.

  • Service

    Quality of service is the foundation of our business. We use advanced tools and techniques to track all our productions to ensure that we deliver you the best product.

Curating excellence.

At Poeticgem, we’ve brought together the best, brightest and most passionate people to create something really special.


Principles. Passion. Empowerment.

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