Our Story

Introducing our parent company, PDS Limited

We believe in challenging the status quo, using cutting-edge design techniques and the latest innovations to help evolve the fashion industry around the world.

As part of the PDS group, we have a global footprint few other fashion suppliers can match. Over the last few years, PDS has consolidated relations with retailers and customers, providing the market access we need to excel in areas of design, sourcing and operations.

Design, sourcing, manufacturing

Wide Global Footprint to support long-term growth plans. Over the last few years, PDS Limited has widened its presence all across the globe. Well entrenched relations with Retailers and Customers have further boosted group’s global reach.

  • Sourcing / Manufacturing Operations
  • Sales & Design Operations
  • Corporate Office

Our Highlights


Poeticgem Established supplying to catalogue companies, offices in London & Manchester with a 4 member team.


Got our first ASDA / George order


Poeticgem Watford office was established


Launched Logistics business as Pacific Logistics in UK
Poeticgem Bangladesh established


Achieved a sales value of $50 Million


Started supplying to Tesco, Next & Sainsbury


Essentials Division started

Formed Poeticgem License division in the UK


Achieved a sales value of $100 Million

Established Design studio in Newcastle


Started supplying to Primark

Awarded ‘Most Progressive’ by George


Commenced sourcing in Sri Lanka through Norlanka


Awarded ‘Supplier of the Year’ by Sainsbury


Established knitwear division in Manchester


Launch Poeticgem website

Leading by example

Together, PDS and Poeticgem are changing the industry from the inside out. From the clothes we produce to the countries we operate in, we’re forging a new path, setting a better example for those following in our wake.

200 ethically audited partner factories.
10,000 employees working in sustainable parts.
1m delivered pieces per day to our customers.

  • Inspiring Through Change
    $ 1.05 bn Revenue Estimated for FY19-20
  • Trustworthy Expertise
    190+ leading retailers & brands
  • Always Ethical
    Leading Sustainable & Transparent Supply chain partner
  • Globally Minded
    50 offices in 19 Countries with HQ in Hong Kong

Social Responsibility

We will always conduct our business in a socially responsible manner working to protect the environment, improve working conditions, and support community involvement.


Principles. Passion. Empowerment.

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