Passionate people empowering real change.

We’re a vibrantly creative business made powerful through our diverse, talented people. Their passion and commitment to the job is the golden thread running through our entire operation.

People powered

The people who work here underpin everything we do. From creating the latest looks using, using cutting-edge technology and working collaboratively with the best overseas suppliers.

Brave ideas, bold vision, big future

Our fresh, modern way of doing business sets us apart, and we wholeheartedly embrace experimentation and revolutionary new approaches to give our customers the best possible service.

Inspirationally ethical

Ethical practice is not a passing trend, but at the core of everything we do. From our overseas suppliers to our sourcing processes, even the sustainable printing policies in our offices, we ensure we’re a business everyone who works here can be proud of.

Fashion is an adventure

Fashion is more than a job, it’s a way of life. From the designs we create to the suppliers we work with, our outlook is fuelled by passion, commitment, but most of all enjoyment. We love what we do.

Rewarding talent, recognising success

There’s a lot of talent at Poeticgem, and we make sure it goes properly acknowledged.
From away days to summer parties and awards ceremonies, we make sure our staff are rewarded and recognised for all their hard work.


“We’re a vibrant, creative business made powerful through our people.”

Anuj Banaik
Managing Director


With factories and offices all over the world, we have a global outlook thanks to our parent company, PDS Limited. This has meant we’ve always been able to see the big picture while never overlooking the small details.

Principles. Passion. Empowerment.

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