At Poeticgem, we make use of the latest, cutting-edge technology to help deliver the best possible service to our clients.


Inspirational innovation

From innovating in the design space to bringing in state-of-the-art sourcing and line planning methodologies, we’re stitching together a new approach to fashion.

Technology allows us to be more efficient, more creative, more reliable. Not only does it means we can be much more precise with our design, the efficiencies
involved free up our time so we can focus our efforts on the places it matters: delivering our customers an even higher quality of service.

  • Technical
    • Test fabrics & trims
    • 2D – Stick in 3D, check fit, grade
    • Adjust avatars, body scan, animation
  • Production Ready
    • Export size charts and stitch calculations for 2D/3D
    • Accurate material costings, fabric utilisation, print placements
  • 50 product design specialists based in the UK

    • Fabric and trim research & development
    • Design expertise
    • Wash techniques
  • Design Engagement Model:

    • Tech pack
    • Collaboration & Co-Development
    • Pick and choose

Welcome to the Future of Knitting

By taking advantage of the capabilities of SDS®-ONE APEX3, it is possible for both planning and production to share a clear image of the design before an actual sample is produced, drastically improving efficiency in the production process. In doing so, significant time compression is achieved from product planning to sample making, allowing quick response to fashion trends and early market penetration of products.

No Need for Samples

Photo-realistic simulations are used to evaluate designs before knitting an actual sample. Time and costs normally dedicated to sample making are minimized, while presentation quality is improved. For basic items, 3D models can be created automatically from patterns based on size inputs.

Designs and colorways can be evaluated while checking the 3D image. When designs are edited on the pattern, the 3D model image is modified in realtime.

“At the heart of our company we embrace pioneering technology.”

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